Waban Scarf and Diamant Shawl: Looking for Test Knitters

The Waban Scarf. Now looking for test knitters.

I just opened up test knit calls for two patterns over on yarnpond. If you don’t have a yarnpond account, you can send me questions about the projects at patricia@dancingtriceratops.com.

The Waban Scarf (named after Lake Waban, on the campus of my college alma mater) has a knit/purl wave stitch pattern and is knit in two halves and connected at the center back by either Kitchener grafting or three-needle bind-off.

Close-up on the Waban wave stitch pattern


The Diamant Shawl also has a textured knit/purl stitch pattern. This one creates a series of diamond shapes. It’s knit in one piece, no joins required.

Diamant Shawl in a self-striping chunky weight yarn.


Close-up on the Diamant Shawl stitch pattern.

As a thank you, testers will receive a free copy of the finished pattern they test and another free pattern from my Ravelry store. The second free pattern choice is open-ended, so you could wait a few months and check back if nothing currently in the store appeals to you.

Please share this with your knitting friends who are looking for something to do with their yarn stash while they are at home social distancing themselves. Thanks.




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