WIP: Where Did July Go?

Canada Socks Redux. Once more on size 2 needles.

My brother and I went up to Quebec at the end of July for Dad’s 97th! birthday and I needed something to knit in the car. One of the pairs of last year’s Canada Socks turned out to be too small to get over my heel, so I ripped them apart and restarted them on a larger needle with a ribbed cuff.

Almost all of my recent knitting has been figuring out patterns and making swatches and samples for proposals. Since magazines and yarn companies want first publication rights on a design, I don’t want to put photographs up on social media ahead of time. So I’ve been knitting, but I haven’t had any WIPs that I can share for WIP Wednesday.

I had a scarf/wrap proposal accepted by Knit Now, a UK-based print and digital knitting magazine. It will be in their February 2020 issue. Photos of the yarn for that will be forthcoming once it arrives from the supplier.

Bonus Photo: Dad blows out the candles on his birthday tiramisu.

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