WIP: AmiAlong 2019 and New Patterns

Here’s the “calling card” I put together for my AmiAlong 2019 designer introduction

I stand with ravelry.

I’m one of the designers participating in AmiAlong 2019 on ravelry. Thirteen designers of both knit and crochet amigurumi have bundled their patterns (both free and for purchase) together so they are easy to find. The self-published patterns are all on sale on ravelry at 25% off with the code AMIALONG2019 from June 25 through July 8. AmiAlong itself runs from July 1 through the end of August. More information on the AmiAlong group that I linked to in the first sentence.

In honor of AmiAlong, I finally applied butt to chair and finished the editing on four new dinosaur patterns. They are now available on ravelry and I’m going to be adding them to the etsy store today. The three raptors have both open and close-mouthed versions, and the Parasaurolphus comes with both a patterned and a solid version. Following my tradition, they all have musical names.

Fortissimus Rex – The loudest T-Rex of them all

Pianissima Regina – Much quieter and well behaved than Rexy, but she is still a T-Rex

Glissando – the open-mouthed version of the Spinosaurus

Scales the Spinosaurus – Who speaks softly and carries a large back sail

Allegreto the Utahraptor – Speedy and always on the lookout for his next meal

U. Utahraptor – named for the legendary folk musician Bruce U. Utah Phillips

Contrapunta the Parasaurolophus – with her large head crest and pattern of brown and tan

Blues, the Parasaurolophus – because, well, he’s blue

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