WIP: Jurassic Elves Sweater Part 2

Happy Jurassic winter holidays!

The Dinos in Santa Hats holiday sweater is almost finished. Here’s the update.

I managed to get the front of the sweater and the top two dinosaurs on the back finished in time for Black Friday.

Here’s the front of the sweater

Here are closeups of all of the appliques. The two on the front didn’t get any added scenery. Closeups will also show that the “glue the appliques together” idea didn’t really work. I glued the first one, then noticed several hours later that the glue had dried as white patches that looked terrible. So I wound up sewing the appliques together, then sewing them onto the sweater. Lots of sewing.

Tyrannosaurus Rex


But the back looked a little bare with just the dinosaurs, so they wound up with an entire panorama.


Stegosaurus with palm tree and volcano in the upper corner.

Utahraptor with ferns

Parasaurolophus with reeds and pool

Triceratops with rock formation

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