WIP: Fall is Here

Bob Cratchit was never this colorful.

I was standing around outside the other day and realized that it was time to make some Bob Cratchit style gloves – the ones with the ends of the fingers bare. So pulled a skein of Patons’ Kroy Socks FX (in clover colors) out of my stash and got to knitting. The yarn is a 4-ply with each ply space-dyed and the four woven together to create a fade effect as different combinations pass by. Here’s the two almost-finished gloves, with few sets of colors repeated between them.

Two very different gloves, same yarn.

And here’s Fawn, who stayed behind when I sent off the Writing Buddies, modeling her new fall sweater, made with some of the last of the skein.

Fawn in yet more of the Clover Colors combinations.

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