WIP: This Year’s Writing Buddies

Mr. Bunny and Mr. Pig missed the first batch of tiny ninjas so much that I made them bunny and pig ninjas of their own. Their shuriken throwing stars are little star stickers.

It’s time for this year’s batch of writing buddies. Every year I knit up a bunch of tiny amigurumi creatures for the Boston NaNoWriMo group to use for fundraising. Travis and Anna, who run the Boston group, like to have the buddies available for October, so they get knit in September. (If you want more info on NaNoWrimo, a longer version of the story is in the Pandapalooza! post from a few months ago.)

I expect this year will be the usual mix of tiny lucha libre animal wrestlers, mini ninjas (animal and human), pandas (greater and lesser), some tiny jackalopes, and maybe some of Hansi Singh’s sea creatures. I might also see how the Emergency Teddy Bear looks made in fingering yarn on U.S. size 1 needles.

Rusty the red panda beanie baby watches over the little red and giant pandas.

Puerco Verde, Chorizo Piquante, Gatotastrophe and Perro Caliente (l to r) wish you a Feliz Cinco de Mayo

I’ll post some pictures of this year’s batch of buddies before they get sent off to Boston.

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