WIP: Socks

Tiny Waves socks by La Maison de Saba

So yesterday I made a trip from Enfield, Connecticut to St. Benoit du Lac, Quebec and back in 13 hours. My brother and I accompanied our father as he headed back up to be with our stepmom Lorna. Since Dad needed a pacemaker a few years ago, we drive with him on long trips. We dropped Dad off, hugged Lorna, hung out with our stepsister Carol and her husband Cam for an hour or so, then turned around and drove back. I brought knitting.

Tsunami by Hokusai aka “Wave at Mt. Fuji”

The photo is the start of a pair of Tiny Waves socks in KnitPicks Stroll fingering yarn in colorway Pacific Tonal. Here’s the link to the Stroll tonal page on KnitPicks’ website, but Pacific was going out of production, which was why I picked it up a few weeks ago. I decided I wanted some sort of wave lace for the sock. After a quick, unsuccessful attempt to design a “wave at Mt. Fuji” style lace pattern the other night I went on ravelry and found the Tiny Waves pattern. It’s a toes-up pattern, and I got some of the first foot done on the trip. I also got some Icewine chocolate at duty-free on the way back. Good stuff. Must pick up more next time.

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