WIP: Life

Life got in the way of most of my WIPs this week and I didn’t make enough progress on anything to justify a new photo.

Some of it was good news. My friend, storyteller Laura Packer, won the “Best in Fringe” award for her venue at the Kansas City Fringe Festival. Other friends got the first festival acceptance for their latest indie film and posted a kickstarter for their next project, an LGBTQ rom-com. I did the final proofread on the novelization of that script and I am very much looking forward to seeing it on the screen.

And some of it was a reminder that life is, indeed, short. My friend Bill, who has been fighting lung cancer for over two years, decided to end his latest round of chemo, which was making him sicker and doing no good against the cancer. Friends held a celebration of Bill’s life last Saturday, while he could attend it. I woke on Sunday morning to the news that another friend, who was just 61, died Saturday night of a completely unexpected heart attack.

All our lives are works-in-progress. And we never know how long we will have to complete them. Hug the people you love today. Make it count.

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