WIP: Pigs and Burritos Fabric

Chorizo and Puerco model for the fabric. They don’t know that they are only getting 2D burritos.

Madeleine is on a brief hold while I contemplate the issue with her ears, so I am playing around with a vector drawing program and some fabric design. I’m probably going to be using the drawing program to make finished versions of sewing patterns, so I need to learn how to use it. And I have been thinking that I may need to design fabric for Madeleine’s clothing in order to get the designs and scale that I want. Two birds, one drawing program.

Spoonflower, one of the print-on-demand fabric services, holds a weekly design contest on their website and the next one up has a tacos and burritos theme. I’m working on a design with the heads of my lucha libre pigs and a variety of burrito ingredients. So far I’m done some artwork by hand, scanned it and arranged various pieces of it on a drawing in the program. I’m still working out how to get the background of the piece to be one uniform color despite all of the individual drawn objects with their own background squares and frames.

Here are the drawings of the ingredients, with Chorizo to keep them company.

Once it’s done (or done-ish), I will upload it to the Spoonflower site and tweak the repeats and the colors. And voila, my first fabric design ever.

Testing colored pencils, even though I will probably adjust the colors online.

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