WIP: Dinos, Red Pandas and Bears, Oh My!

This is as far as 16-inch tall Madeleine got this week.

Not much progress on Madeleine this week. The mock-up for the 16-inch sized bear is currently a neat pile of muslin pieces waiting for me to sew them together. So I figured I would pull out a few more stalled works in progress and show them off as well.

Someday I will be a finished Red Panda. Today, not so much.

Those are the pieces of Rusty, The Red Panda from Zoomigurumi 3 that I have finished so far. Three or four months ago I decided to teach myself to crochet in case I ever felt like making crocheted dinosaur patterns. And because people keep tagging me in facebook posts of cool crocheted amigurumi and I didn’t know how to make any of them. Then I got caught up in the website, and Shakesbear’s new outfit and now Madeleine. So most of Rusty and the not-quite-finished head of Henry the Hippo from the same book is all the crocheting I have to show for now. I figure I will make Rusty’s legs and sew him together in time to include him with this September’s writing buddies for Boston NaNoWriMo.

Rex says “RAWWWWRRR!,” which is dinosaur for “For God’s sake, Patricia, finish writing up my pattern!”

Rex (Fortissimus Rex, to give him his full name) has been finished for quite a while, but I haven’t parked my behind in a chair and made myself clean up the instructions and add the illustrative construction photos so that I can actually release the pattern. Plus I keep coming up with additions – there is now a closed mouth version of Rex (named Pianissima Regina) and I figured out a slightly easier way to do his teeth that I need to make a mock-up of for the pattern. I was the same way when I was working as a software engineer. It was always more fun to figure out how to design the program than it was to sit down and actually code and test it.

Here’s Pianissima Regina – same pattern, but no gaping maw.

I have plans to use several days away from my sewing machine (so no teddy bears) in the coming week to work on the patterns from Rex and a few other dinos who are also in the wings. Next week’s WIP Wednesday – more dinos?

(The voice of Yoda in my head intones “There is no try. There is only do or do not do.” Yes, Yoda.)

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