Madeleine’s Trial Run

Some additional ears and arms to try out

Madeleine currently looks a little too svelte to me.


I have reached the tweaking stage. I sewed the muslins for Madeleine the teddy bear together and stuffed various sections over the weekend. I did not do final assembly with thread joints because I want to make some adjustments, so I’ve been holding pieces together and staring at them to get a feel for how she will look.

Conclusions – she looks too thin side to side, the current ears are too large, and I don’t love the way her arm curves. So I added 1/4 inch around on all of the body pattern pieces, which should add 2 inches around in total. I drafted two additional ears and two additional arms. Now it’s time to cut out the new versions in muslin, sew and stuff.

I’m also thinking I may want to make her larger overall (she’s about 15 inches head to toe at the moment), but I will size the pattern up via photocopier once I have the proportions I want.

Next update on WIP Wednesday.

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