Math is Still My Friend

A view of my kitchen table as the triceratopses help me revise patterns.

No exciting new picture today, so I put the triceratopses up again figuring they were cuter to look at than a ruler and spreadsheet.

I’m getting ready to go through the patterns in “The Book of Teddy Bear Making” to take measurements and work out average ratios of various teddy bear parts. For example, what is the average relation of teddy bear waist measurement to body height? How long are teddy bear arms and legs compared to overall height? To each other?

I’ve decided that I want some more information before I start drafting a pattern instead of just drawing one freehand, cutting it out in muslin, sewing, stuffing and then finally taking a look. I’ll probably still have to make some tweaks and retry the pattern, but I’m hoping to avoid the stage where I create something eight or ten times before I get the size and shape I want. Sometimes you just have to do the math before you start to eyeball.

We’ll see if it makes a difference.

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