Arpeggio Yamosaurus the Stegosaurus is marked and (almost) ready to demonstrate leg placement

My herbivores are all marked with yarn and ready to be temporarily disassembled in the interest of better pattern instructions. I forgot, when I first wrote the patterns, that just because I know what I mean by “sew legs on using fake grafting” that does not mean that my users will.

The tops of their legs are knit to look like set-in sleeve caps, with a rounded top and a projecting lower “shelf” meant to go underneath the side of the dinosaur’s body. It made perfect sense to me, but then I’ve sewn and knit any number of set-in sleeves over the years. One of my pattern users was confused and ended up with the triceratops legs coming out from its body at an angle instead of perpendicular to the side. Oops.

So I’ve sewn yarn markings around the legs on one side of each of the dinosaurs and I plan to remove the legs, then photograph the placement markings, the finished but unattached legs and the reattachment process. Ta-da! Pattern update. And no dinosaurs were permanently harmed in the making of this correction.

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