Shakesbear’s New Clothes – Part 2

I spent Saturday drafting patterns for Shakesbear’s new outfit. Shakesbear spent it having pattern pieces pinned onto him to see how they fit.

Here are some badly lit photos of what I have so far.

Pattern pieces for shirt

The new breeches are based on the old ones, but I added a waistband and bands at the knees in place of the elastic.

Pattern pieces for breeches

I’m also adding a little decorative cap sleeve to the doublet, but I didn’t have that pattern piece finished when I took the picture.

Pattern pieces for doublet

The pattern for the half cape is also finished. I still need to do his flat cap, which will also be based on his old one, and possibly some separate sleeves to go with the doublet. His shirt will be white, the breeches black, the doublet black with a dark wine red lining and the half cape gray with a dark wine red lining. The flat cap will be gray.

If I have enough material to make them, the separate sleeves will also be black, possibly slashed to show the wine red lining. Next up, cutting the patterns out and starting construction.

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