WIP: Slouch hat and Raptor patterns

William Shakesbear models the slouch hat in progress. This version turned out to be too big for me, too.

My latest trial piece for a pattern has retaught me the wisdom of doing your gauge swatch on the exact needles you will be using. That zig-zag lace came out as more stitches to the inch on bamboo needles knitted flat than it did when knit in the round on metal double-pointed needles. Hence, the hat was about 2 inches bigger around than I had intended, and I had to rip it back. Right now it is back to four rounds of the knit 2, purl 2 ribbing in the number of stitches I hope will actually give me a 22-inch diameter.

I’ve also been culling construction demo photos for the raptor patterns that I have been meaning to finish for ages. I always take several shots of each intended layout so I have at least one that is bright and in-focus enough to use. Which means I have dozens to go through to pick out the 8 to 15 I need for any given pattern. And I still have to go back and reshoot a few of them that had far too much messy background in the frame than I usually allow.

I really should have cleaned the table or positioned the T-Rex further away from the mess. There is no good way to crop this one.

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