WIP: Canada Socks again

The latest Drive to Canada socks

I didn’t post any WIP last Wednesday because my brother and I did another Connecticut to Quebec and back run. Here’s the socks I started this time, Whisper Lace Socks by Rachel Hawksley. I’m making them as 4 repeats around of lace chart A instead of chart A in the front and chart B in the back. I didn’t get much done on the trip but here’s the first sock a week after the trip.

Here is a HORRIBLE photo of the stuffed moose head that I was very briefly tempted to “borrow” for set dressing for the show I have been costuming.

The moose I didn’t steal from a Vermont rest stop

The show is set in a hunting cabin and we have been trying to borrow various bits of taxidermy to put onstage. I refrained from making off with the moose because:

a) it is really large, our stage is really small, and we would have had to reblock the action so the actors didn’t run into the giant stuffed moose head taking up a third of the depth of the stage

b) since the moose was in a rest stop north of White River Junction, I would have had a 5 or 6 hour round trip to return him

c) I was pretty sure that the Vermont tourist info folks at rest stop would have objected to my borrowing a ladder and swiping the moose off of their wall

and d) my brother assured me that the moose wouldn’t fit into his car even if I did swipe it.

We DO have a faux stuffed bear that our director borrowed from another theater group. Unfortunately, he looks more like a giant teddy bear trying (and failing) to be menacing than an actual bear, and we have concluded that he’s not going to work for the set. Right now, he is hanging out in the side room where we sell refreshments during performances and I have costumed him in an orange hunting vest. He’s also wearing an orange Santa hat, but that might be swapped out for something more outdoorsy before the show opens.

Yes, I really do need a better camera on my phone



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