WIP: Writing Buddies So Far

It’s getting crowded in here with all the writing buddies

Writing buddies tend to take up my knitting time in September. So far, I’ve got two red pandas, two black and white pandas, one tiny jackalope, a fawn and the first of this year’s animal luchadores. Here they all are with William Shakesbear and some of the beanie babies. There’s a cat luchador in the works, and at least some tiny ninjas to be made before I pack them all up and send them off to their forever homes in Boston.

Four little peanuts

These are the four I’ve made so far based on Rebecca Danger’s Basic Peanut Body from “Fifty Yards of Fun.” The jackalope is straight out of the book, the two pandas and the fawn are variants with my own ears, snouts and tails.

Whisper the beanie baby with Fawn the fawn

The fawn is a new addition to the usual suspects this year, her ears and tail modeled on Whisper the beanie baby.

Whisper and Fawn show off their matching tails and spots.

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