WIP: Pandas and Costumes

My creative week in a nutshell – three tiny pandas and some possible costuming pieces for my hippie psychic

Since last week I have made three of this year’s writing buddies (except for their embroidery finishing) and spent a lot of time and a little money hunting for pieces for the show I am costuming this fall.

The show is “Ghost of a Chance” by Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus. It’s was written in the mid-1990s and we are doing it in period. So I have four actors to costume in 1996-era weekend casual clothing, one ghost who died in a hunting accident, and one hippie-boho psychic.

I’ve already pulled everything that might be useful from the theater’s costume inventory and hit up my local (awesome!) costuming warehouse for hunting clothing and loud boho skirts. And I have been trolling thrift stores for the pieces I still need. My actors are bringing possible pieces from their own closets tonight and, once the dust settles, I will probably head up to thrift stores in the Springfield, MA area in the next week to try to find what we’re still missing.

Some of the thrift stores finds – peasant blouse for my psychic, aviator framed glasses for my nerdy dentist and an orange safety vest for my ghost

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