WIP: Socks and Some Costuming

First finished sock from “Tiny Waves” socks.

So here is finished sock number 1 of the “trip to Canada for two hours” socks. It’s been a busy couple of weeks and the sock is the only crafty project I’ve gotten any work done on.

I finished off (save for the last row and the cast-off) the sock while I was backstage during this past Saturday’s “New Faces” short play performance at The Suffield Players in Suffield, CT. I was playing a hippie grandmother who entertains her granddaughter with (highly suspect) stories from Grandma’s racy past. Grandma Flora was one of the easiest costuming jobs I’ve ever done. My director, Roger, said he wanted a caftan for Flora, so I went to check the Players’ costume storage and, luckily, found the dress. The love beads and rings came from the Player’s costume jewelry collection, and I added my own green hi-top sneakers, old glasses and another pound or so of bracelets and big earrings. Old age makeup, wild fingernail polish, and some cheap white spray-in color from Party City and Grandma Flora was good to go. Here’s a “family portrait” with Nicole, playing granddaughter Beth, and our director Roger.

Granddaughter Beth, director Roger and Hippie Grandma Flora

And now I’m moving on to costume Suffield Players’ fall show, “Ghost of a Chance.” This one’s going to have several characters in mid-to-late 1990s weekend casual clothing, one hippie/boho psychic and a ghost in hunting camo. I measured most of my actors last night and our first production meeting to discuss sets, lighting, costuming and (of course) miniscule budgets is tonight. Here’s the poster for “Ghost.”

This will be my next costuming job.

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