I Blame Ruffles OR Why I Make Dinosaurs

The Triceratones: Ruffles (center), Flourishes (left) and Timpani (right)

In my world, toy triceratopses are herd animals.

It started with Ruffles, who was a birthday present from my friend Scott over a decade ago. I soon realized I had another triceratops in the house, an as yet unnamed rubber bath toy that had been a stocking stuffer a previous Christmas.

They became a pair, Ruffles and his little buddy (who was still nameless). And so they stayed until one day when I heard a classical piece entitled “Ruffles and Flourishes” on the radio. Naming problem solved.

Another Christmas and a third triceratops joined my little herd, a yellow plush with a snazzy purple neck frill. In keeping with the musical theme, she was christened Timpani. They became The Triceratones, a prehistoric close harmony singing trio.

When Scott told me the daughter of a friend had informed him that triceratopses were THE BEST dinosaurs, Ruffles and I knew just what to do.

Triceratopses, Incorporated – Serving all your cuddly dinosaur needs since the Late Cretaceous Period
Dear Sir,
It has come to our attention that you know of a young lady who rightly believes that triceratopses are the best dinosaurs, and who may be in need of a snuggly friend.
We have located a cuddly triceratops who is currently in need of a home and would love to meet her. He is currently visiting with us, but awaits a opportunity to meet with you to further this transaction. Our representative, Ms. McMahon, will be in touch with you regarding this meeting,
Yours in cuddliness,
Chief Snuggly Officer
Triceratopses, Incorporated

By the time TAAN (Triceratops Awaiting A Name) had made it to his new home, Scott had acquired a triceratops for himself. She looked like Ruffles, and he named her Bugles.


For almost two years, Bugles’ herd consisted of stuffed bears and assorted hand puppets but no other triceratopses. Unable to find a little buddy for her, I took matters onto my own knitting needles in December of 2013 and created Fanfare.

Fanfare was the first of my knitted dinosaur patterns. With some minor modifications, he became my Small Triceratops pattern. I’ve since made several other dinosaurs and even a pterodactyl. But Ruffles knows the truth. Every model has a musical name, and every last one of them is an honorary triceratops.

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